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This site is dedicated to the Conservation of Amphibians [frogs, toads, salamanders, caecilians, newts, hellbenders], and other backboned animals.

The site focuses on frog and toad Husbandry,  Captive Breeding, and Reproduction Technology.


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Some key aspects of conservation biology.

Frog Biology and Conservation

Species lists, the reproduction and ecology of frogs, particularly those of eastern Australia. Notes on keeping tadpoles and the requirements of frog ponds at home and on farms.

Amphibian Husbandry and Captive Breeding

A pictorial essay showing the application of progressive husbandry techniques for the conservation of amphibians.

Reproduction Technology

Gene banking and the cryopreservation of

gametes and cells.

Photo Gallery

The photo gallery has images that may be used for non-profit use in educational or conservation purposes.

USA photos have now been added from a trip in 2005.

Introduction to Lydia Fucsko Photo Gallery of frogs.

 (still under construction)

Lydia Fucsko is an Australian teacher, researcher, internationally published photographer, narrator, dramatist, poet, linguist, children’s author and illustrator. Lydia also holds a Masters degree in Counselling.

Lydia Fucsko Introduction

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Ewens Ponds Conservation

A history and image gallery of the conservation efforts surrounding the threatened ecosystems of Ewens Ponds in South Australia, Australia.

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Marine Life Society of South Australia (MLSSA)

MLSSA supports the conservation and study of the marine life of Southern Australia. They also provide a magnificent image gallery of fish and other marine organisms.

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